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Tameca L Coleman

Agua y Sangre Healing
Massage Therapist
Denver, Colorado
Tameca L Coleman embarked on a path to massage therapy in 2011 after realizing they wanted to practice good and fulfilling work that not only brought together their many interests, but also allowed them to help others. Massage incorporates their experiences and knowledge in yoga, music, meditation, self-care, compassionate living and also a love of learning. Tameca works with the goal and intention of meeting each client where they are, utilizing technical and energetic techniques that work at the most subtle and superficial levels to the deepest.

Tameca is a registered massage therapist and graduate of the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado massage therapy program (2012). Their toolkit includes but is not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Japanese Foot Massage. With future trainings in mind, Tameca intends to continue learning techniques that can help to facilitate change and inspire clients to feel more in tune with their bodies.

Tameca believes that massage and bodywork are more than just modalities for pain management. They are the kinds of work that help clients take increasing part in their own self-care and healing. It is Tameca's belief that massage and bodywork are collaborative works that can be most fully effective and life-changing when the client takes an active part in the process.

When Tameca isn't giving massage, they are working on music, writing projects, or being a tourist in their own town. They support their community any way they can and especially look for projects and movements that work to create positive and inclusive change. That is why they are ecstatic to be on board with Agua y Sangre. In so many instances, the healing arts do not reach enough of those who need them the most. It is more than high time that has changed.